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Specializing in resume writing for experienced management, technical, sales and marketing professionals

Is your resume failing to bring you the results you desire? 
Are you an experienced professional?

We are no longer offering this service. We are now focused on strictly providing company-sponsored outplacement services.

Let us help you.  We specialize in writing resumes for experienced professionals at income levels of $60K and above (or those wanting to reach that salary level) who are looking for an edge in their job search. 

We work with job seekers throughout the world via e-mail and phone contact.  With our resume writing service, a professional resume writer will write your resume to effectively highlight your strengths to employers.  

What's different about our resume writing service?

What our clients are saying about us:

"Good news - thanks to your services I have accepted a position as MARKETING STRATEGIST for the software/business solutions provider company called SAS.  This is the job where I work out of a home office as a full time employee with HQ based in North Carolina.  It is a win win situation -- they are thrilled to find someone with my credentials and years of experience with their software product and I am thrilled to have the honor of promoting a product I have a passion about!  ....  You do offer  excellent career services focused to the specific job seekers personal situation.  I will keep you on my address book and will happily recommend your services to my friends!"
 -- Mary Crissey, Marketing Strategist, SAS 

"It should be noted that the resume you put together for me was fantastic. Within the first two weeks, I had over 10 inquiries which resulted in 6 interviews. Not only were the perspective employers impressed, but colleagues were very impressed. So do not be surprised if you get a few calls regarding your resume service. It has made a real difference in my life and future."
-- C.S., Q.A. Analyst
"I have appreciated all the help you have given me, both in rewriting my resume and in general career advice. I realize that you don't have to provide additional service beyond what I originally paid for, but doing so has put you on the top of my list to recommend to other friends in need of career services."
-- J.B., IT Consultant

Picking the right company to write your resume is tough.  How do you know who you can trust?  Here's why you can feel comfortable working with Quest:

  • We consult with you prior to developing your resume.  Our number one strength that separates us from most other resume writing services is the personalized approach we take to developing your resume.  Most other resume writing services have you complete a form about your background, type up the information you provided, and send you your completed resume.  Through this entire process, they have no direct contact with you.  To create the most effective resume for you, we consult with you via e-mail to ask questions about your background prior to writing your resume.  We feel this personalized approach results in a more effective resume than could be produced without having direct contact with you.

  • We publish our pricing on our web site and we are competitively priced for the consultation-based resume writing service we provide.

  • We have a track record of satisfying customers as demonstrated by our client testimonials.

  • We provide sample resume examples on our site so you know what to expect from us.

  • We present our capabilities in a professional manner that reflects our approach to how we will present your capabilities.

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What will this cost you?

We publish our pricing on our web site.  We want you to know upfront what we will charge you for each of our services.  You don't need to complete and submit a form or forward your resume to us to receive a price quote -- simply review our pricing online.

We are no longer offering this service. We are now focused on strictly providing company-sponsored outplacement services.

Do you need help with other aspects of your job search?


Quest offering these additional services to job seekers:

Are you an employer or HR professional?

Quest can help you by:

Providing outplacement services for displaced employees

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Quest guarantees the privacy of all personal information you submit to us. The information you submit to us will not be released, sold, or redistributed.  

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